Collaborate, Create, Communicate

Nancy White comes to CIAT

nancy-ciat.jpg The one-day workshop on Web-based collaboration was co-sponsored by the Institutional Knowledge Sharing Project and CIAT. The 32 Participants also contributed with a small inscription fee. It was a successful joined effort and we were lucky to be able to catch Nancy on her trip to Colombia where she will also work with the Ministry of Education.  After a chat-show introduction, the agenda followed with a Tag-game, a purpose checklist exercise, and a session on Web 2.0 tools. Participants felt that the workshop was useful to get basic knowledge on the available tools; they also appreciated the exercises on the 3-step process that Nancy recommends while planning on-line events: Check the purpose, plan the different activities, choose the appropriate tools! Finally, many participants would like to receive further training on specific tools, like wikis, and blogs.

The links and resources that Nancy used and that were discussed are available on the workshop wiki that Nancy set up for the participants: http://onlinefacilitation.wikispaces.com/Online+Collaboration+and+Communication+Workshop

 I love Nancy’s style and appreciate so much her knowledge on principles and methods of Web-based collaboration. This is definitively an area to explore with our CG colleagues around the globe.