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ICT-KM and KS launch new Web sites

ks-homepage.png The ICT-KM Program and the KS Project are launching their new Web sites. The KS Web site features news items, sections on Knowledge Sharing in Research and Institutional Knowledge Sharing, a resource page and the KS toolbox, now also available in Spanish and French. My colleague Andrea and a systems engineer worked really hard to get it done before the beginning of the KS pilot project inception workshop next week. We used Joomla! Open Source software and followed the design guidelines of the ICT-KM Web site. We have lots of ideas to further develop the site: The toolbox should pretty soon feature information on Web-based collaboration. We also hope to get good stories from the pilot projects for many of the tools. We also will have new photos in our gallery to illustrate our experiences. Have a look at the site and give us feedback! www.ks-cgiar.org