Collaborate, Create, Communicate

Inception Workshop starts today!

The leaders of the pilot projects selected as a result of the ICT-KM Knowledge Sharing call for proposal gather today at IRRI headquarters.   

The three-day workshop (August 21st – 23rd) provides all project leaders an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge regarding their projects and experiences, in addition to working with project leaders to refine and their project as needed.  Project leaders will also apply the impact pathway model to their projects and discuss how best to capture, document and share knowledge from the awarded projects.   

Organizers and participants will start a daily blog about the workshop, their experiences and achievements.   

Please join us to read more about the workshop, the project leaders, and their projects: http://ictkm.cgiar.org/tag/knowledge-sharing/  

For more information about the pilot projects and the workshop agenda, please visit www.ks-cgiar.org