Collaborate, Create, Communicate


After lunch, participants developed another network map to reflect the expected status of their projects 1.5 years hence, showing any new and/or strengthened relationships with the various actors.  Each project leader then had an opportunity to present both maps to the plenary. Once again, peer review played an important role. 


Future Network Map 

Most participants, even those who were already familiar with impact mapping techniques, found merit in the exercise.  One project leader felt it had helped define her project, while another found real value in doing the exercise because it had forced her to think logically through the process.

Time for another infomercial
Andrea introduced the new KS website and explained some of its features, including this blog. This sparked off a lively discussion about the merit of blogs and wikis as effective communication and collaboration tools. Several participants use wikis and blogs on a regular basis, while others have no experience whatsoever with the tools. 

Here we go-around again
Feedback on the days activities was both constructive and encouraging:

“I can see the possibilities more in other things I do,” said one participant.

“I have a feeling this is becoming an overloaded workshop,” said another.

“The network maps were useful for me. I also enjoyed the time working with the different projects,” said yet another.

Look out for updates on DAY THREE!