Collaborate, Create, Communicate


A good workshop agenda should be flexible enough to allow attendees to explore relevant issues in-depth if the majority feel there is a need to do so.  Based on participant feedback, the facilitators shifted the focus of the morning session to enable participants to concentrate on concerns specific to their individual projects.  The two umbrella project leaders, Nadia Manning and Simone Staiger, facilitated this process by spending one-on-one time with their respective pilot project leaders. 

IKS Umbrella Project
In the afternoon, Simone presented a problem tree and network maps for the Institutional Knowledge Sharing Project.  Participants came away with a better understanding of this umbrella project: the obstacles it faces and the relationships that need to be strengthened and forged to further institutionalize knowledge sharing System-wide.   

KSinR Umbrella Project
Nadia then presented a problem tree and network maps that showed how the Knowledge Sharing in Research Project could help increase the impact of CGIAR agricultural research.  Since six of the nine pilot projects fall under this umbrella project, this session generated much discussion. 


                                                                Network Map 

After Action Review
The workshop concluded with a brief evaluation.

What worked:
• Interaction and learning from other group members.
• New knowledge about Impact Pathways.

What didn’t work:
• Too much time spent on Impact Pathways caused things to drag.
• Working alone on projects.

Suggestions for improvement:
• Spend more time on different knowledge sharing tools and their applications.
• The inclusion of an evaluation plan in Impact Pathways.

Thanks to IRRI for hosting this event and for the great job with the catering.