Collaborate, Create, Communicate

Working together, working better

One of the main efforts of the CIO office is to strengthen collaborative efforts with CGIAR partners. This has translated to participating in conferences to conducting knowledge sharing workshops and sessions. One of the more successful partnerships strengthened has been with the FAO. Main focus of the CGIAR-FAO partnership as lead by the Program focuses on sharing information, opportunities and knowledge, while looking for opportunities for concrete collaboration and resource sharing.

Such efforts in the past include joint efforts and projects include FAO’s staff involvement in the CGVlibrary project, metadata work, translation undertakings, and the CGIAR’s participation in the new AGRIS Alliance.

New opportunities continue to arise, one of which is the upcoming Web2fordev conference (http://www.web2fordev.net/) being hosted by the FAO. As a member of the steering committee the CIO office has worked closely with the FAO and partnering organizations in organizing and planning for the event. This also provided an opportunity for joint appointments, furthering strengthening the partnership.

We continue to look for and seek new areas of collaboration with the FAO and other partner organizations; areas in which working together increases efficiency and impact for both.

For more information on our latest efforts, please click read the attached article. We look forward to exciting and new opportunities.