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How 2 Web 2.0

Today, Wednesday 26th September 2007, is Day 2 of the Web2.0 for Dev Conference. The schedule involves a number of plenary, parallel and open space sessions. In all of these sessions, tools, approaches and experiences are being presented and shared.

Some examples are:

-Web 2.0 for Rural Develoment and Community Empowerment, Opportunities and Barriers

-Using social networking platforms to support work

-Wikis, Blogs and Online profiles for African NGOs

We are all learning about how to use various Web 2.0 tools in our work.

This could be very useful in our work in the CGIAR as well.

We can use Web 2.0 tools to:

-share our information in different ways with a wide range of people

-collaborate more effectively with ourselves (internal) and also with our partners and other stakeholders (external)

-manage our information and data in better ways

SO how do we do it…

-go onto the web and try out some of these tools

-check out this blog, the Web2.0forDev website, other sources for ‘How to’

-ask IT and other people who know

Anyone have any experiences to share …

Stay tuned…