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Where 2 Web 2.0–some examples

Here are some examples of ‘where 2 web 2.0′ from different angles…

* Think about the direction of your Web 2.0…

Ethan Zuckerman, the keynote speaker of the day, believes in web 2.0 but asked everyone to think about who we want to reach and how we want to reach them–this will help you to decide what tools to use. But he stressed that at the end of the day it is not about the tools, but it is about the people. He also stressed that there are alot of good tools out there–there is no need to develop software and tools from scratch always.

He recommends blogs as the ‘best bang for the buck’, as long as you make sure you make use of the value of linking. “The best way to get people to point to your site, is to point to others”.

* Web 2.0 in your institutions..

Thomas Metz from IRRI presented how a wiki was used by a dispersed program. A particular use of the wiki was for a workshop. The agenda was developed collaboratively on a wiki before the workshop, notes were taken on sessions during the workshop, and presentations were uploaded onto the wiki, and feedback and review were allowed through the wiki. The wiki allowed collaboration, sharing of information and documentation and storage of relevant workshop materials.

He suggests to web 2.0 in the framework of a project or program which can support the use and sustainability of this tool.