Collaborate, Create, Communicate

Knowledge Sharing Workshop Development Team and Facilitators

Petr Kosina
Petr is the Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building Coordinator at CIMMYT (Mexico). He has a background in biological sciences and education. His responsibilities include course design and development, facilitation of knowledge-sharing processes (both inside and outside institutions), and “soft skills” development. Petr is responsible for the knowledge management components of several CIMMYT projects. He also coordinates the Cereal Systems Knowledge project of the IRRI–CIMMYT Alliance.

Nancy White
Nancy works with organizations to strengthen collaboration and communication online and offline. She has a special interest in online facilitation, teams and communities of practice, and whole systems change. She is currently writing a book on technologies in support of communities and learning graphic facilitation and deepening her love of chocolate from her home base in Seattle, USA.

Lucie Lamoureux
Lucie is an information professional with 8 years’ experience in knowledge management within the field of international development. Her main focus is capacity or skills development, specifically, knowledge-sharing approaches and online networking. She also regularly designs and facilitates face-to-face meetings.

Simone Staiger-Rivas
Simone is leader of the Institutional Knowledge Sharing Project. She is a trained social communicator with 13 years’ experience in the coordination of electronic communications projects. Her interest lies in the enhancement of collaboration in institutional settings that contribute to organizational learning and change. Simone is based at CIAT, Colombia.

Nadia Manning
Nadia is a researcher and outreach coordinator at IWMI and project leader of the Knowledge Sharing in Research project (sister component to the IKS Project). With a background in anthropology, and development and environmental studies, she seeks to understand, develop, and promote ways in which people can work together to understand, decide on, and solve problems associated with natural resources.