Collaborate, Create, Communicate

KS Workshop Content

Phase 1 (1 hour daily expected): DISCOVER

* WEEK 1 – Finding Common Ground. Get to know each other and build our learning community. Share our environments: Our poeple, networks, challenges and opportunities.

* WEEK 2 and 3 – Exploring the Landscape. About people, tools, and processes. Get clarity on our audiences and the purpose of our KS activities. Explore how a variety of tools and methods can help achieve our purposes and reach our audiences, and how to choose the right ones.

* WEEK 4 – Homesteading. Digging in deeper: Exploring key topics of interest that emerged throughout phase 1.

Between phases 1 and 2: Preparation for the face-to-face meeting. Scanning the KS areas that phase-2 participants would like to explore. Team up participants in KS focus groups.

Phase 2 (face-to-face): FOCUS
* DAY 1 – Define a KS “project” for each focus group; Build the project’s vision, objectives, and strategy outline.
* DAY 2 – With support from KS coaches, focus groups explore specific principles and methods of interest to the group. These are shared in the plenary session.
* DAY 3 – Design project action plans, explore adaptations, and obtain adoption by participants’ individual centers or organizations. Share in plenary session.

Phase 3: APPLY
* With support from a coach, participants carry out a KS activity that had been designed and planned in phase 2.
* Participants interactively document their experiences. A joint publication is envisioned.