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Knowledeg Sharing Workshop: Participant's entry points

Our Knowledge Sharing Workshop started on Monday this week. We are having a great round of introductions and we are in the middle of a first discussion on our “Why KS”? Nancy White, our main facilitator asks: “What are the two or three areas in your work where you think knowledge sharing could make a difference in your work and its outcomes?”. We also had a conference call in order to get really into the workshop and hear some participant’s voices. We offered three different schedules in order to cover the times zones of our Asian, African/European and American participants. Yesterday I took some time to go through the stories that we shared in those and also through some of the participant’s posts, trying to find some commonalities in our words, thoughts, and needs. So I extracted keywords from the stories and I started to place them around on the floor of my office. And then I made cards with the participant’s names and placed them nearby “their” keywords. Here is the result (click on the image to see full size):


I see 3 main entry points that emerge and are common:

  • KS and relationships
  • KS and Technology
  • KS Theory and Practice

They are interlinked and have many connections.

Let’s see what participants think?

Nancy will work further on this and make an interactive map out of it. It would be great if we could play around with it together throughout the workshop.