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Knowledge Sharing fair at IFAD – releasing trapped knowledge

With construction going on all around us at the new IFAD building, it seemed quite symbolic to have a panel discussion on knowledge sharing emphasizing the need to build it into the foundations of a project, not just at the tail end.  The panel, made up of IFAD staff and management in addition to Enrica Porcari, discussed the different aspects of knowledge sharing and its importance.

Panel members highlighted that knowledge management is the key to remain competitive, and that it is up to staff to release the knowledge trapped in projects.  This is all part of IFAD’s new action plan which places knowledge management at the core of its activities (http://www.ifad.org/pub/policy/km/e.pdf)

Enrica was invited to share her thoughts and lessons learned through the ICT-KM Program.  She raised the point that knowledge sharing is no longer optional, as we can no longer afford not to practice KS in any organization.  She emphasized the importance of placing people at the heart of knowledge sharing and that the key to success is to build a enabling framework, networks, and environment for knowledge sharing. 

While the discussion was going on downstairs, upstairs many IFAD project offices (in addition to the CGIAR ICT-KM Program) shared their KS experiences. The exhibits, tables, leaflets, and handouts demonstrated various KS techniques being used, allowing an opportunity for trapped knowledge to be released.