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How to share 'knowledge sharing' knowledge?: thinking out loud

So as the Knowledge Sharing in Research project moves past its mid-way point and starts to generate and gather lessons, experiences, and knowledge the question comes up of how best do we share all of these things-effectively and for impact!

This has also been the focus of discussions that I have been having with the ICT-KM team, the KSinR Pilot Projects, the Communications personell at some of the Pilots’ Centres/Challenge Programs, and others.

How best do we share the knowledge generated on ‘knowledge sharing in research’? How do we tell the stories? share the lessons? communicate the experiences? promote the approaches?

We have the website (www.ks-cgiar.org) which is continuously being populated with information; a toolkit and soon to be developed-web resource (planned);the blog which highlights our news, activities, events and outputs as well as helps us to develop discussions around all of these and key questions and suggestions; various printed products already available and those in process of being developed, ranging from reports to more popular outputs;and certain face-to-face activities and events attended.

But is this reaching YOU? Is it reaching the people we want and need it to? Are these good strategies? Are they enough?

How do we avoid only ‘preaching to the converted’ (and internal communication only) and get the information, ideas, and influence out to those that we would like to see adopt and support the adoption of knowledge sharing in research?

What do they want and need to hear? and how can we approach them and provide this?

I guess first of all we need to think about WHO we want to share this with and why–then we can develop a strategy.

Are others facing this issue?

Do you have any ideas? good examples?