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Joint Forces with FAO to Offer a Second Edition of the Knowledge Sharing Workshop

Discover, understand and apply innovative knowledge sharing approaches to deliver outcomes that have impact!

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We are very pleased to announce that FAO and the ICT-KM Program are joining forces for the second edition of this workshop, which will offer FAO and CGIAR staff as well as their research partners an opportunity to explore and experiment with knowledge sharing (KS) principles and methods. Through an innovative three phase approach participants will get an understanding and appreciation of the value of KS in research and institutional settings.

Dates: Phase 1 (online) starts on September, 8. The face-to-face meeting takes place in Rome, Italy from October 7-9. Phase 3 is online and goes on up to March 2009.

Costs: 500 USD. You can choose to participate in phases 1, 1+2, or 1+2+3 of the course. You mustparticipate in phase 1 to participate in phase 2, and both 1 and 2 to participate in phase 3.

Download the workshop flyer at: http://www.ks-cgiar.org/images/stories/pdf/fao_cg_workshop.pdf

Have a look at the Toolkit to get an overview of KS approaches: http://www.kstoolkit.org

This blog has a workshop category with extensive information: http://ictkm.cgiar.org/category/ks-course/