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Search, Browse and Download CGIAR research plans from CGMap

The CGIAR has just launched a new Web system: CGMap at cgmap.cgiar.org from where CGIAR research plans since 2003 can be easily accessed. 

Each year, all CGIAR Centers look to the future, review research agendas and make adjustment according to the realities of current and expected priorities. This information becomes the basis for the Annual Medium Term Plans (MTPs) for the 15 centers and the Challenge Programs of the CGIAR.

This wealth of information is now easily available on line.

Download MTPs
Full MTP documents are available for download.

Browse MTPs
Here you can browse and download individual projects, overviews and annexes, by Center.

Search CGIAR 
The search engine, powered by Google, allows you to search MTP projects and selected CGIAR Web sites.

Do a search and you will get the results grouped under four tabs. By clicking on the different tabs, you can see results selectively by:

  • Current MTP (2008-2010),
  • Submitted MTPs (2009-2011),
  • All the MTPs since 2003 (this is the full available archive of MTP documents) and the
  • CGIAR System will return results from a broad range of CGIAR Centers and System units Web sites.

New functionalities will soon be launched that will help answer specific questions about the CGIAR research agenda, such as how many projects are  contributing to a certain system priority, which countries are targeted as potential beneficiary, the related donors and financial information.