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KSinR invited to participate in and support organisation of "Maximising the Impact of Agricultural Research in Africa: a workshop on research communication"

The Knowledge Sharing in Research(KSinR) project has been invited to participate in and provide support to the organisation of a workshop on effective use of research communication entitled: “Maximising the Impact of Agricultural Research in Africa: a workshop on research communication” organised by GDN, ODI, WBI and IFPRI. The workshop will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 21st and 22nd of October 2008.

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Rationale and Background
Agricultural development in Africa is regaining attention, particularly in the recent light of food security challenges. The World Bank and other donors, as well as African initiatives such as NEPAD, FARA, AGRA, etc. are investing major resources to stimulate agricultural production across essential food staples and commodities for both agribusinesses and smallholder farmers. Research and technological advancements represent a key to enhanced productivity and are also receiving much attention. In fact, Robert Zoellick of the World Bank recently proposed that funding for the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research should double in the next five years. However, research by itself does not necessarfily lead to change either in the field or at the policy level. How can this link be strengthened? This workshop will explore in detail how research institutes working in agriculture can maximize the impact of their work through enhanced communication efforts.

The Global Development Network (GDN) has partnered with the World Bank Institute (WBI), African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Bellanet , Busoga Rural Open Source and Development Initiative (BROSDI), Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), and Centre d’Analyse des Politiques Economiques et Sociales (CAPES), to organize workshops (held in Cairo, Kampala, Johannesburg, and Ouagadougou) to build the capacity of African research institutes and networks to better understand and apply the tools and approaches of knowledge management, thereby strengthening their research communication initiatives. The focus of these events was to share experience and insights on the challenges faced by research institutes in managing the knowledge that they are generating so that they can strengthen their operations and offer better services to their clients.

Given the focus that agricultural research in Africa is getting, the need to communicate that research to the people who need it the most – policymakers and practitioners – is even more critical. The proposed workshop is an opportunity to take a concrete step in this direction.

Workshop Objectives
  • To examine past efforts at partnerships, peer learning and experience sharing and to explore the causes of success and failure.
  • To develop the capacity of staff in improving the impact of the research being produced by their research institutes and universities, and to examine how this has been done by their peers.
  • To facilitate the sharing of knowledge among key research institutes and to discuss ideas on how to strengthen this exchange.
Sponsors and Organizers

The workshop is designed to accommodate about 35 from major research institutes, universities, and networks in Anglophone Africa focusing on agricultural research and policy analysis.

Selected applicants may qualify for grants to cover travel and other expenses.
The workshop will be in English only.


A detailed program will be drafted shortly. The workshop will be a two-day interactive learning event followed by a day that will comprise a field visit, separate meetings, and other activities.

Application Process

Deadline for application: September 7th, 2008
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The application must be completed and sent by email to:
Ronald Kim, Rkim@worldbank.org
Enrique Mendizabal, E.Mendizabal@odi.org.uk
David Spielman, mailto:md.spielman@cgiar.org
Shahira Emara, semara@gdnet.org
Download application form.
(http://www.gdnet.org/pdf2/africa_program/application_form_addis.doc )