Collaborate, Create, Communicate

Two documents on ICM from the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research has released two important documents on Information and Communication Management for Agricultural Research for Development.

– Advocacy by Regional Forums for Improving Information Sharing and Exchange in Agricultural Research for Development
This document represents a collaborative effort by the GFAR Secretariat and the Regional Forums to agree on a common policy for advocacy on ICM.

The document details what and how the Regional Forums should advocate and what the role of the GFAR Secretariat should be.

– The ARD Web Ring
This document describes the idea of a “web ring” of ARD web spaces and proposes an approach based on a distributed architecture.

The Global ARD Web Ring is a “voluntary coalition of web spaces that share information related to agricultural research and innovation for development.” These web spaces make ARD related information sources more accessible through each other.