Collaborate, Create, Communicate

Welcome to our new Home

Welcome to the ICT-KM Program’s shiny, new website! It’s been months in the making and has involved many hours of hard work from a team of dedicated individuals, but we have achieved what we set out to do: create an interactive, easy-to-navigate, content-centered site.  Whether this is your first visit to the site or you’re a regular user, we hope that you’ll like the new design and content you’ll find here.

This is where we will be posting our latest news, upcoming events, articles on the latest ICT-KM tools and methodologies, interviews, but also where you can find all the background about our work, what we have done, what our strategy is, who the people behind the scenes are.

Feel free to leave comments on the various posts. There are also lots of links to the social media we use the most such as pictures, videos and twitter.

Our website is now powered by WordPress, the platform we used to host our old blog. Using a blogging platform to host our website has enabled us to incorporate our blog and our static content pages into a convenient one-stop site, making it easier for our audience to see at a glance what we are doing. In addition, the site’s archive structure allows you to search all posts either by category or by month.

Making the move to a full blog platform was not a pain-free experience. We had many architecture and theme choices to make, design elements that had to be considered and tweaked, old blog posts and static content pages that had to be manually transferred, and aslt but not least a problem with our DNS which delayed the go-live date … What was that old mantra? No pain, no gain? But the end result, a site that is better equipped to cater to our growing audience, makes it all worthwhile.

We will share the ins and outs of the choices we made behind the scenes soon. Maybe even start a series on what to look out for when designing a new web2.0-enabled site.

Today also marks the unveiling of our new logotype, which has been designed to better reflect more accurately our tag line: Collaborate, Communicate, Create …

We’ll be adding new content on a regular basis, so check back soon or, better still, subscribe to our RSS feed!

We’d also love to hear your views or suggestions on the new site – so please feel free to drop us a line or two at ictkm@cgiar.org.

Photo courtesy Suzi Fenton via stock.xchng