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NEW! A tangible help to improve access to our research: or how to make our pigs fly!

The AAA concept is not new to the readers of our blog. We have been committed to increasing availability, accessibility and applicability of our research, what we call our Public Information Goods (PIGs) in many ways. From developing a framework, to working with centers to benchmark their current “AAA index”…now one more tangible set of tools.

To  give an extra push to our efforts, we joined forced in the CIARD partnership. To ensure that public domain research outputs – in the form of information, data and knowledge – form part of a global ‘knowledge commons’ for agriculture, these outputs should be created, assembled, handled and disseminated in ways that ensure that they will be as Available, Accessible and Applicable as possible.

With our partners we have developed the CIARD Pathways to provide an introduction to the many ways in which research outputs can be made more available, accessible and applicable.

Who can use these pathways? policymakers, research directors, researchers and information specialists. There are pathways for everyone..

Amongst the CIARD Pathways, there are several which focus particularly on areas of change in both policy frameworks and individual researcher behavior which will help to prepare an institution to stimulate the dissemination of research outputs.  These pathways have been placed in Group 1, called “Developing Institutional Readiness”.

For those people involved with the development of a repository or structured website, some Pathways focus on best practice technical and policy approaches to ensure that websites/repositories fulfil their purpose of making research outputs more accessible and available.  These pathways have been placed in Group 2, called: “Increasing the Availability and Accessibility of Research Outputs – Collection and Preservation”.

Reaching beyond producing digital content and placing it in a repository or on a website, there are some pathways addressing making research outputs easily accessible and transformation of those outputs to communicate them to different stakeholders.  These Pathways have been placed in Group 3 called: “Increasing the Availability and Accessibility of Research Outputs – Making Content Widely Accessible on the Web”

We plan to revise these pathways periodically, add new ones, remove the ones that no longer make sense… This process of enhancement will be continuous, given that Pathways will change as new innovations arise.  You will notice now the Pathways are in English, but we have plans to translate them in French, Spanish, and possibly in other languages, so that they can be more widely accessible.

Our efforts go beyond… in a previous post, we introduced Mendley. We received very good feedback and now are planning a series of webinars to introduce this tool and train in its use…

Stay tuned for more…as our efforts to support researchers use effective techniques to better conduct their work are just about to step up again!

One step at a time we will make those pigs fly!