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Listening to the Voices

This past month, we have been listening to many voices.

The voices coming out of Africa speak of passion and possibilities, hope for the underprivileged, and a more equitable life for all. We went behind the scenes at AGCommons, an initiative implemented by the ICT-KM Program, and talked to the people leading three Quick Win Projects. Find out what they had to say in the following interviews:

Mapping the roads less travelled

Mobile phones fight disease and poverty – An interview with Whitney Gantt

Seeing is Believing – An Interview with Sibiry Traore

You may also want to check out what AGCommons is all about in our video .

Then we took a peek into the workings of the CIARD initiative, a nascent partnership that is “committed to making agricultural research information publicly available and accessible to all.”  Read all about it in CIARD – The business of putting research into use.

For something completely different, the tables were turned when Blogtips.org decided to give a voice to the folks here at the ICT-KM Program about our blogging activities and our new home. Click here to find out exactly who does what and why.