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Last month, we launched our new website. If you are planning to revamp your website read our story as Blogtips helped us tell our experience in selecting and implementing the platform.  This month, sees the launch of the first issue of our new, blog-generated newsletter. The format is slightly different from the old newsletter, but the content covers the same breadth of topics that are important to us at the Program. However, more than ever, we would like to hear what you have to say. We’d love to hear your opinions, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with our posts.

We have rounded up our recent interviews into one post (Listening to the Voices), so you can easily find out who we’ve been talking to and what they had to say.

This month also follows up on the “Google Talk or Skype” poser that was put to us way back in August. The verdict? Well, you’ll just have to read on!

We also welcome back a long-absent blogger, Simone-Staiger-Rivas, who provides us with an update on her recent KS initiatives and interventions with our partners.

AGCommons, an exciting project that we have the privilege of implementing, features largely this month. And not just in our interview section. The project recently announced a new partnership, as well as an exciting business opportunity for an enterprising individual.

There’s more … Happy reading….


Leader, ICT-KM Program and Chief Information Officer, CGIAR

Listening to the Voices

Inline Image This past month, we have been listening to many voices.

The voices coming out of Africa speak of passion and possibilities, hope for the underprivileged, and a more equitable life for all.[…]

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Google Talk or Skype: the winner is…

Inline Image Have you been wondering what was decided after I wrote the Google Talk and Skype comparison post in August 2009 titled: The question begs, Google Talk, Skype or both? Well, the winner is: both! At[…]

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CIARD – The business of putting research into use

Inline Image If we are to address the twin issues of improving food security and the livelihoods of the poor, it is vital that the results of agricultural research reach the people who need it the most. The focus needs[…]

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ICT-KM knowledge sharing: scaling up and out, up and out, up and out…

Inline Image I haven’t been blogging for some time here at ICT-KM, but the recent excellent interview about our ICT-KM blog story reminded me that I really wanted to come back and talk about recent KS initiatives[…]

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Blogging in real life: an interview with ICT-KM at Blogtips.org

Inline Image Peter Casier, the relentless mastermind behind Blogtips.org, interviewed Enrica and myself about our Website revamp. The history, the team, the decisions, the challenges… it’s all in there. And it[…]

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Want your research outputs to fly?

Inline Image It’s been awhile since my last blog post – been playing detective in a very interesting work task. Early this year the ICT-KM program offered CGIAR centers the opportunity to have their research outputs[…]

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