Collaborate, Create, Communicate

Getting ready for GCARD

Over the last two days, 60 participants from 26 countries locked heads to come up with a feasible  framework for Information and Communication Management (ICM) adoption in agricultural research for development. Tensions rose while ideas were batted about. As part of the facilitation team, I was impressed by the passion and level of engagement these participants showed during group work. The commitment these people had was obvious, with some willing to forgo rest and work beyond the hours necessary.

Using pre-defined action points from the Science Forum in May 09, the different groups looked at the challenges and possible ways to overcome them. The ideas that emerged were captured and will feed into the framework for GCARD.

The framework which informs on the value addition of ICM in agricultural research will be shared at the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) in Montpellier next year. This event which sets the agenda for agricultural research will see all the major stakeholders being represented.


With plans underway to have a final draft ready by early Jan 2010, the clock is ticking and all eyes are on the framework.

Till next time.