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Organize your research/ science better: Mendeley Webinar Jan26, 28

Just before the new year holidays, I posted a blog on online reference management tools, specifically Mendeley, which has been growing in popularity within the scientific community. If you want to organize your references; annotate PDF research papers as is and share them with colleagues and others , Mendeley might be a good place to start.

In essence, there are two levels when it comes to using Mendeley:

  • Mendeley Desktop, a desktop tool that allows users to collect and organize research papers into virtual libraries, and to set up shared collections for research projects
  • Mendeley Web, a social network arm for academics and a place to access real-time readership statistics about papers and authors, discover research trends and connect with like-minded researchers.

To know more about Mendeley and how to use this application to your advantage, sign up for our webinar (jointly organized by Mendeley and the ICT-KM Program, together with several CGIAR centers). Details below:

Who should participate: Newcomers and current users who would like to learn more

Benefits: Learn how to use both Mendeley Desktop and Web; Discover new ways to share your resources with colleagues; Find out what your CGIAR colleagues have to say about Mendeley

Moderator: Jan Reichelt (Founder/ Director, Mendeley Ltd., UK)

Date and Time: Tuesday, 26 Jan, 2pm GMT (updated) or Thursday, 28 Jan, 9am GMT ( click here to see the local time in your region)

How to Register: Please send an email to m.arivananthan@cgiar.org indicating your name, organization, location and prefered date for the webinar.

So whether you’re new to Mendeley or not, don’t miss this opportunity to find out what Mendeley’s developers have in store for scientists like you!

Till next time…

Photo credit: icanhascheezburger.com