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Good to be in the OpenAIRE

The CGIAR, through our ICT-KM Program, has been awarded a grant in the context of the European Commission–funded project Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe (OpenAIRE).

This 3-year project aims to develop and maintain an e-infrastructure and Web portal for the identification, deposition, access, and monitoring of articles funded within Framework Programme 7. A great step towards ensuring that the products of EU-funded research will be freely accessible.

To ensure scientists and institutions are comfortable with this approach and the tools, a European Helpdesk will be set up.

Some concern has been raised about the subject specificity, how can the program ensure that scientists can contribute in an environment that provides them with a subject and format classification meaningful in their own respective disciplines. To address this potential need, the OpenAIRE project will conduct a number of studies on subject specific requirements for Open Access e-infrastructures.

It is in this context that the CGIAR will be contributing to a roadmap report on subject specific requirements, with a special focus on existing relevant information services and a vision for next generation services from the perspective of environmental and agricultural research.

This is a great opportunity for the experience accumulated within the CGVLibrary project to be shared with the broader scientific community.