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CGMap home page redesign: finding CGIAR research plans is now easier

The CGIAR was the best kept secret, with CGMap the secret is out” .. and now CGMap has a new home page.

CGMap provides you a way to search and analyse the CGIAR research plans. And now, the tasks are easier: CGMap has a new home page.

We have ‘promoted’ the map view to the home page of CGMap: you can now view the research plans on the map and in a list for simpler scrolling and viewing of the projects relevant to the filters you’ve selected.

Why did we do it? Over the last months, traffic analysis told us that among the top favourite pages to access the Medium Term Plans (MTP) information was Projects by country. So here is a map for you!

A CGMap factsheet: overview, logframes and financial information in one place

With this redesign, our goal is to provide more intuitive access to the project fact sheets than the several search options used to allow, and to shorten the path to the target projects.

Two sides of the same coin

One thing you’ll notice is that the new CGMap home resembles Ongoing Research in Africa map. Yes, we adopted a similar browse-the-map approach for the Medium Term Plan research plans. But there’s more… you may have noticed that the Africa Research Map has been renamed ‘CGMap Ongoing Research’. This is result of a collective decision with our colleagues at the Regional Plan for Eastern and Southern Africa to bring the two closer to each other.

CGMap Ongoing Research in Africa

Our intention is to highlight the fact that CGMap and Ongoing Research provide two complementary views of project information, with a different focus:

  • CGMap contains information about the three-year Medium Term Plans, the Ongoing Research Map contains information about the research projects through which these Plans are being implemented.
  • Ongoing Research provides information that is not provided in the MTP, in particular: names of scientists (the principal investigator can be contacted), a classification by research areas, names and types of partners, exact timeline of project. This equals a detailed view on the ground of what is going on.
  • The two are related in the sense the MTP projects provide the official umbrellas under which projects in the field are implemented. It’s a conceptual link, not an excerpt from MTP projects.

At this time, CGMap gives you access to the medium term research plans of all Centers and Challenge Programs, while Ongoing Research provides a map of research carried out in Africa. Check out this handy user fact sheet for CGMap Ongoing Research in Africa.

The new CGMap home page is the first in a series of improvements we will be releasing over the next months. To follow:

  • free text search prominently featured across CGMap
  • more accurate results as we keep optimizing CGMap for search engines
  • a more compact navigation bar
  • cross-linkages with Ongoing Research projects (whenever available)
  • embeddable maps.

Check the new home page and let us know what you think…