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On the road again

The ICT-KM Program is on the road again. As I write this I’m in Montpellier, France, attending the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD). The Conference aims to create new ways of working together to enhance the development and impact of agricultural research. More on this soon.

Over the next few months, we will continue the road show with several events that will open up ICT-KM Program activities to CGIAR staff and partners around the globe. We’ll be returning to Montpellier, where the CIARD partners are organizing an Agriculture Information Access Marketplace, just before the official opening of the IAALD XIIIth World Conference at the end of next month. If you are involved at any stage in the capture, management and communication of research in the digital world, this interactive event will have something for you.

The following month, we will team up with FAO and other international organizations to host a three-day event on CIAT’s campus in Cali, Colombia. Entitled “Knowledge Share Fair – Latin America and Caribbean”, the Fair will enable participants to learn about and share good knowledge sharing practices from project teams, partners, communities, networks, and end users, and also exchange good practices in making research processes and outputs accessible, available and applicable.

Following on the heels of this event is the Knowledge Management for Development community (KM4Dev) meeting, which aims to contribute to the development of a strong KM4Dev movement in Latin America and Caribbean, leading to more organizations becoming open, living and adaptive.

Then there’s the Africa Agriculture GIS Week (AAGW) 2010, which offers a rare opportunity for those working with Geographical Information Services (GIS) to learn from others how GIS can be applied for the benefit of agricultural development. The meeting also hopes to attract young African scientists interested in GIS.

Back at home base, also in the spirit of opening up, we are continuing to promote CGXchange, which recently celebrated its first birthday. For the past year, people from all over the CGIAR have been able to collaborate with each other like never before. Indeed, our latest stats show that CGXchange now has 600 active users and around 100 sites.

We’re also excited about CGMap’s new home page, which makes it easier for you to find research plans across the CGIAR. The home page now resembles the Ongoing Research in Africa map. We adopted a similar browse-the-map approach for the Medium Term Plan research plans, and the Africa Research Map has been renamed ‘CGMap Ongoing Research’, to bring the two closer to each other.

In this issue of ICT-KM News, you can also read about our continuing efforts to promote social media and document its use, find out what The Economist has to say about social networking technologies, look behind the Africa Trial Sites Network, learn about our latest knowledge sharing publication, discover how IFPRI used communication and knowledge sharing approaches to launch a new book, and get the lowdown on Virtualization 2.0.

As always, we look forward to your feedback, so please feel free to drop us a line at ictkm@cgiar.org.

Enrica Porcari

Leader, ICT-KM Program and Chief Information Officer, CGIAR

Not working or networking?

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We’ve been advocates of social media for a long time. So it was encouraging to see the Special Report on social media from the Economist, which extols the benefits of social networking technologies that are “the beginning of an exciting new era of global interconnectedness that will spread ideas and innovations around the world faster […]

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How your work gets richer with Social Media: the case of “Millions Fed”

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Antonella’s post on the experience of the CGIAR at COP 15 documented how social media helps your communication efforts.
Key message: if you want your work to reach wider audiences, to get enriched by their contributions and to be as visible as possible- You can’t go wrong with social media; something the ICT-KM Program has been […]

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Looking Behind the Africa Trial Sites Network

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While Asia and Latin America have benefitted from the Green Revolution, agricultural yields in Africa have increased little over the last half century.  This gap is due, in part, to the current state of African research systems. Improved systems will lead to increased yields, a solution that African governments and donors already recognize. Towards this […]

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Virtualization 2.0 (#2 CGIAR Strategic Technologies Series)

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As I said when I posted the Top#1 Strategic Technology post on Storage Infrastructure a few weeks ago, a properly functioning Storage infrastructure goes hand in hand with an efficient ‘Virtual‘ environment, so it actually makes sense that the Virtualization 2.0 topic ranked #2 in the Strategic Technologies for the CGIAR in 2010.
In this post […]

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Social media and institutional communications: the CGIAR experience at COP15

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When I blogged about social media and agriculture at COP15 back in December, the adventure of the CGIAR and its partners at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen had just begun. It was an exciting time with the tag “Copenhagen” gaining the top 10 trending topics on the opening day of the Conference. In the […]

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New publication: Learning to share knowledge for global agricultural progress

In 2008 the ICT-KM Program’s Institutional Knowledge Sharing project led by CIAT undertook the design and delivery of a series of successful knowledge sharing workshops.
Together with Nancy White, we conceptualized a 3 phase event (online, face-to-face, online) with the ambition to help CGIAR and partner staff to reflect, learn and practice knowledge sharing principles, methods […]
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