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Quote of the day and some numbers in ShareFair in Cali

The first day of the Sharefair in Cali just came to an end. A real buzz. The CIAT campus welcomed over 200 participants from 18 countries representing 70 institutions.

We could not have hoped for better participation, both in numbers and enthusiasm.

6 the morning training sessions on tools and methods for sharing knowledge. Our own Tania Jordan gave a seminar on Google Apps .  Read here what a participant had to say about Tania’s session.

 Simone Staiger-Rivas led the session on dynamics for effective meetings, Petr Kosina on Wiks, then there were sessions on blogs, Twitter and network analysis.

4 the afternoon sessions on topics such as Open Access, Web portals, Participatory Research, Networks and Communities.

121 the tweets  about the Fair from over 20 contributors.

A video conference with FAO headquarters in Rome helped us connect with some of our colleagues who could not be here for the opening.

Quote of the day?  Ruben Echeverria, Director General of CIAT speaking from Rome said: “las invitos a no enredarse en las redes perdiendo de vista el contenido” roughly translated” Don’t get caught in the web, losing sight of the content”.  A great reminder that web tools should not be an end to themselves but should be used appropriately and effectively.

Tomorrow another day full of interesting events .. keep following us, there are many ways to do it.

Cannot close the day without a huge thanks to all of you who have worked really hard to make this event a success, and that includes the team who has been working for months (a team of 8 who worked from 3 countries) stricly online!  to make this event possible, and all of the participants who are so generously sharing their experiences.

photo:  credit for taking the picture of me at the opening session to  Neil Palmer, CIAT . More of his pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciat/