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Geek Talk time after the ShareFair Cali

All the geeks among you will rejoice at this feast of data collected by our ever so resourceful Antonella ….. a more in depth after-action-review is being carried out and I will get back to you with more qualitative data, but for now, sit back, relax and enjoy this data galore….

200 hundred participants from 18 countries, representing 70 organizations… but that I told you before… now…

153 unique mentions on several social media platforms over the period February to May 2010 (incl. blogs, Flickr, Facebook)

575 tweets for tag #sharefaircali and keyword sharefaircali over week 24-28 May (as retrieved on May 28 by The Archivist), an application that runs on your local system and allows you to archive tweets for later data-mining and analysis for a given search.

592 tweets for tag #sharefaircali over period 21-29 May: count 592 (as retrieved on May 31 by TwapperKeeper , a system to archive tweets)

429 Visits for a total of 861 pageviews, by 289 unique visitors, from 27 countries/territories, reads the blog traffic report for period May 23-30:

TweetReach, the system to see how far your tweets travel reported tag #sharefaircali: Reached 31,311 people via 566 tweets, for a total of 280,388 impressions contributed by 57 twitterers

Number of Tweets by day for #sharefaircali tag and sharefaircali as keyword:

208 on May 25
146 on May 26
194 on May 27

If any of you had any doubt that social media tools can help your message travel… well… think again… data speaks loud here!

OK, time to get off the high horse of promoting social media, and time to board another plane… a new Fair will start next week. Join us at the Africa Agrculture GIS week in Nairobi. Over 100 participants, many young students who will join us to show and learn how location specific intelligence can support agriculture research and development. You can follow us there through the AAGW2010 tag.