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Nadia Manning-Thomas (re)joins the ICT-KM Program

So, I- Nadia Manning-Thomas, have (re)joined the CGIAR ICT-KM Program. So in true ICT-KM fashion I am writing a blog post about this and sharing it with every other social media outlet possible! I wonder where/how you found this post?

I previously worked with the program between 2007 and 2009 as the Project Leader of the Knowledge Sharing in Research project, and have come back for more! My new role as a Knowledge Sharing in Research Specialist is a return to take on more challenges, learn more and share what knowledge and experience I have gained from doing knowledge sharing directly within research projects in the CGIAR. 

As part of this appointment I am also hosted by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) on their Ethiopia Campus in Addis Ababa, embedded into the Knowledge Management and Information Services(KMIS) Unit, where I will also be undertaking some knowledge sharing in research activities with the Centre and its programs and projects.

My major interest is in learning about, promoting and supporting the use of appropriate methods and tools for improving engagement and collaboration in our research programs. Improved collaboration and knowledge sharing can help us to work more effectively to determine priorities for research, coordinate research with other initiatives, undertake research with partners, and disseminate research results in more effective and targeted ways. Through better collaboration and knowledge sharing we can improve the impact of our research! I like to design and develop approaches for collaboration and knowledge sharing in research, put them into action (facilitation), learn about their use and effect, and document and share these approaches and the lessons around them.

Luckily I will be getting to work on just that. I will be working on finding and sharing ways for making research knowledge more available, accessible and applicable-through the ICT-KM program’s Triple-A approach and the global initiative on coherence in information for agricultural research for development (CIARD). I am going to be particularly looking at what options there are for knowledge sharing and what works within the CGIAR and also for research projects, researchers and research managers. I will be using the Knowledge Sharing in Research framework developed in the previous project to better understand needs and opportunities for knowledge sharing within the research domain, and to be able to promote the integration of appropriate tools and methods for particular purposes.

Together with the ICT-KM, CIARD and ILRI teams, I will be doing alot of sharing of ideas, appropriate ‘pathways’  and experiences via communication channels including social media, as well as through face-to-face approaches at centres, events and through training. Keep track of this via:

To find out more about me, my background and what I will be doing, check out my profile on the ICT-KM website page- About Us.

I really look forward to collaborating with many people within and outside of the CGIAR on how to maximise the impact of our research.