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Wanted: Social Media Fanatics

It is great and surprising to see how a good thing, born out of enthusiasm, can take off and start leading a life of its own…

I am sure the team organising the Rome Share Fair back in January last year, had no idea where they were going to end up… How the concept, the mechanics, the spirit would snowball into a whole series of similar happenings.

Only this year, we had Share Fairs in Niger, Colombia and another one around Climate Change in Rome.

Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, is our next Share Fair stop in October. And it is going to be a big one… Hundreds of participants working with Africa’s agricultural and rural knowledge will attend: farmer organizations, researchers, students, academia, policy makers, ICT specialists, commercial advisors, development workers and governments.

During the event, dubbed AgKnowledge Africa, participants will not just ‘attend’, but actively contribute in show-casing, sharing, teaching and learning ways in which African agricultural and rural knowledge is created, shared, communicated, and put to use. (Read more about it in the hand-out)

Sharefair RomeNow, in all of this, social media will once again play a key role. Of course we will blog, tweet and broadcast for the event and its causes, BEFORE the Share Fair. But even more importantly, DURING the event, we will actively stimulate social reporting, and the use of social media to integrate remote participants into the sessions.

As with the previous Share Fairs, the organisers are a loosely-knit group of enthusiasts who contribute their own time. Same-same for the social media team, who is just now getting organised. And we want to break the social media team open to anyone “out there” (Hellooooo, can you hear us?).

So, if you consider yourself a social media nut, either as a hobbyist or a professional, working independently, for a company, or for a nonprofit organisation, and you are willing to contribute to this team, come forward now.

You don’t have to be a participant in the Addis Share Fair as such (of course, it would be nice if you were): we need people to help us brainstorm,  capture ideas, test new technologies, write blog posts, propagate the awareness of the event through the blog-o-sphere and twitter-o-sphere… and challenge established values.

As the social media team, we are spread all over the world and timezones, so we actively use Wikis and online discussion groups to organise ourselves and get work done.

Are you interested? Either leave your email address in a comment on this post, or send an mail to the poor guy who’ll coordinate the social media for the event: peter (at) theroadtothehorizon (dot) org

Picture courtesy GFAR