Collaborate, Create, Communicate

You can lead a horse to water….

well in this case it was a donkey… but as the saying goes… “you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink” . Well, let’s think again!

One of the many innovative ways to make knowledge travel at the Africa AgKnowledge ShareFair being hosted at ILRI campus in Addis was to load publications, brochures, gadgets…. whatever organizations traditionally put on display on stands on donkeys and make them  ‘traveling around’ the ILRI campus. It was a fun and engaging way to learn what others are doing, share what we are doing, make connections…

A much more engaging way to get people to interact. And it was not the only one.

In Ethiopia women go and fetch water walking for miles carrying inceras (clay pots) on their back… and while they walk they talk, they exchange ideas, information, they communicate.

So we were encouraged to put Inceras on our backs and make our knowledge travel. Our Nadia walked around the campus and made our knowledge travel…

Lots of knowledge sharing happens around food: going to the market, cooking, eating….. At the Fair the Integrated Pest Management System team invited a number of farmers to show their ‘ware’… here is a wide variety of different enjeras (typical Ethiopian bread)

Music, singing, dancing… traditional ways of communicating in many countries.. Ethiopia is no exception.

And occasions to enjoy some freshly roasted coffee in one of the traditional bunnas were aplenty…

So many opportunities to communicate, collaborate, share knowledge that I start believing that if you lead a horse to water… and if he likes the places you take him, he will be compelled to drink too!

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