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Time to change: learn tools for more effective research output sharing (Register now for Mendeley webinar Nov 24th)

“It’s time to change the way we do research” -are you ready? do you know how? Register now for an interesting webinar!

One way to change the way we do research is to improve the way in which we create, collaborate and communicate. We need to find ways to make our research data, information and knowledge more available, accessible and applicable. And since a key output (and input) of research are the research papers that are published, this is one area in which we can make a positive change towards better sharing.

So are YOU interested in new and more effective way to organize, share and discover research papers?

Use of Mendeley is one of the pathways to make your research more available and accessible we developed through the  CIARD initiative.

Mendeley is a (free) reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research,collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.

If you would like to learn more about how to  use Mendeley, then we are pleased to invite you to the following webinar jointly organized by Mendeley and the ICT-KM Program (about 50 people did the last one!):

Date: Wednesday, November 24th , 2010

Time(s): Manila Wed 11:00; Colombo Wed 08:30; Los Angeles Tue 19:00; New Delhi Wed 08:30

Duration: ~ 60 minutes

Moderator: William Gunn, Community Liaison at Mendeley

Register now!

Please complete this online form to register. We will contact you after you have completed the registration with more detailed information to join the webinar.

In this session, participants can expect to learn the nuts-and-bolts of using Mendeley  but also includes a brief introduction for those new to Mendeley.

* Brief intro to Mendeley
* Creating your library
* Managing your documents and references
* Inserting citations and generating bibliographies
* Building collections collaboratively with Mendeley Groups
* Q & A

The session will be useful to newcomers and current users who would like to learn more about how Mendeley can be used to your advantage.

More about Mendeley…

Mendeley is a bibliographic database, where you can keep your reference data (like Endnote) and extracts bibliographic data when possible from PDF files to:

  • Help you organize and keep track of the PDF files you’ve got stored on your hard drive.
  • Allow you to keep some of those PDF files on the Mendeley web site so you can access them, via the web, from somewhere else and syncronize this information across multiple machines.
  • Allows you to “cite while you write” depending on the software you use, vacuum bibliographic data off the web from various places and collaborate with others in this endeavor.

Discover research papers relevant to your research interests, by navigating the list of disciplines or by exploring the most read articles and authors in your research area.

By crawling and extracting information from a user’s library, Mendeley creates a directory of research for all users to search. In doing this, Mendeley is working to organize the world’s research papers and facilitate collaboration among interested parties.

Groups allow you to share and collaborate with other researchers in your discipline

More on Mendeley: Fact Sheet and Website

Come on–let’s make the change!

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