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The new ICT Roadmap for the CGIAR

Over the last decade we have all witnessed the radical impact that ICT is having in our lives both at home, throughout society, and professionally in how organizations now carry out their work. The nature of the CGIAR as a decentralized global operation presents many challenges that result in high need for appropriate ICT to support our mission.

Effective ICT management requires people to design and deploy the right technology solutions in the right way, for the right reasons, commonly referred to as ‘People, Process and Technology’.  A lot has been done in the CGIAR, and we report about our innovations on our blog,  but more work needs to be done to prepare for the new CGIAR and support our new way of working.

As part of the CGIAR reform process, Accenture partners  group was appointed in 2009 to prepare a report on Shared Services titled: CGIAR Shared Services Findings and Recommendations. The report includes high-level recommendations on which shared services should be established in the CGIAR, but it didn’t present the how-to’s.

Based on Accenture’s high level design, we prepared an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Roadmap for 2011-2013 which reflects the collective thinking of the  CGIAR ICT Managers.  This Roadmap identifies  five broad categories:

  • Applications and Upper Layer Services,
  • Collaboration Tools and Techniques,
  • Geographic Location and Mobility Issues;
  • Network Infrastructure and Security Services and
  • ICT governance.

In the spirit of openness I am sharing the results of  our work here, in the hope that it could be a useful reading for anybody who is thinking of developing an ICT roadmap.

If you have any comments, suggestions… please let us know. We would love to hear your views.