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From Informing To Engaging: What Users of CGIAR Research Information Are Asking

The CGIAR Research Map provides information about research projects that are carried out by the 15 CGIAR Centers in order to enhance information and knowledge sharing while significantly reducing the time taken to search for project information across the various Centers.

Through the ‘Ask a Question’ dialogue box found at the bottom of each project fact sheet in the Research Map, the Map has moved beyond informing users of agriculture information of what is happening ‘where, when and with whom’ to engaging them.  Users can send messages to project scientists and make comments about the research projects through this dialogue box.

This feature, designed to increase the level of interaction and collaboration among users of agriculture information has seen over 50 inquiries being sent to various projects since December 2010. From technical support, project reports, internship opportunities for students, requests for contacts, to conversations leading to developing new partnerships, the ‘Ask a Question’ box has vast advantages and demonstrates the enthusiasm of CGIAR scientists to share their information and knowledge with users of research information, collaborate and also learn from other partners.

You will find some of the inquiries and the various responses by the scientists in this post on the Collective Action blog: From Informing To Engaging: What Users of CGIAR Research Information Are Asking

To find out more about Ongoing Research and how you can contribute information, send comments and inquiries about research projects please visit: http://ongoing-research.cgiar.org/about-ongoing-research/