2nd Quarter 2009


From White Hall to Rome
Meet Michael Marus, the latest addition to the ICT-KM Program. A versatile and talented man, he is already making his presence felt as a member of the CGXchange Team. Find out why the good people of White Hall, Arkansas, must be proud of him.

Time for a Tweet with Twitter!
Come join us for a Tweet on Twitter. An innovative real-time short messaging service that works over the web or mobile phone, Twitter will help keep you updated with the latest news and developments from the ICT-KM Program. Drop by our Twitter space and see how easy it is!

ICT-KM supports events and conferences

Strategic Communications Workshop
Hot on the heels of the successful two-week, Social Media Online Workshop, online participants will now meet face-to-face at the Strategic Communications Workshop to be held in Penang, Malaysia, from 23-26 March 2009. For more information, see main story.

Science Forum 2009
The CGIAR Science Council and Wageningen University and Research Center are pleased to invite interested participants to a forum on Science for Development, on 16-17 June 2009, in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Science Forum 2009 will focus on mobilizing global linkages for development impact. Click here for more information.

African Geospatial Week
The CGIAR’s Consortium on Spatial Information (CSI) in partnership with the newly launched "Geospatial Technology for Agricultural Development in Africa" Program (AGCommons), has organized the African Geospatial Week, to be held in Nairobi 31 March – 4th April, 2009. Visit our blog at the beginning of April for updates on this event!

ICT-KM Homepage

Enhanced Website to Better Target Agricultural Investments

HarvestChoice recently launched a comprehensive collection of data products designed to better inform strategic policy and investment decisions aimed at improving farm productivity and profitability, and market development. The website is intended to be the “go-to” resource for analysts and decision makers seeking integrated, consistent, and spatially-referenced information, provided in an interactive portal. The data collection focuses on factors relevant to crop production and marketing in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) agriculture, such as climate, soil and pest conditions and constraints, current and future cropping systems geography and performance, and access to markets.

Recognizing the site-specific nature of many interventions designed to boost productivity, especially in the rainfed systems common throughout SSA, HarvestChoice takes a spatial approach, using interfaces built around open-source platforms such as Google Maps. By providing both public and private investors with an increasingly broad and in-depth understanding of major production and marketing challenges and opportunities, HarvestChoice hopes to shed light on the potential payoffs to productivity-enhancing innovations for smallholder farmers, as well as how to promote the commercialization of smallholder agriculture.

The HarvestChoice website will continuously be updated and improved over time. To view the website and download these early data offerings, click here.

HarvestChoice is an initiative jointly led by IFPRI and the University of Minnesota’s International Science and Technology Practice and Policy For more information, visit: and


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