4th Quarter 2007


ICT-KM and ReSAKSS Come Together
CIO Enrica Porcari recently participated in a brainstorming meeting that sought to strengthen the relationship between the ICT-KM Program and the Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System (ReSAKSS). The two-day event, which was held at Bioversity International, Rome, in October 2007, followed on from the CIO's involvement in ReSAKKS' inception workshop back in 2003 and looked at ways of moving the existing synergy between the two organizations forward.

CGIAR-CSI Recognized Again
The CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI), one of the projects funded under the ICT-KM Program's 2004 Investment Plan, continues to make waves. With support from the Program, the CSI attended the AfricaGIS Conference on Geoinformation for Poverty Alleviation in Ouagadougou, where it represented all 15 contributing CGIAR Centers. During this September 2007 event, the Consortium received notable recognition and journalistic coverage, as well as heavy traffic at its booth, where it distributed GIS material.

Fellowships in Sustainability Science
The Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University's Center for International Development offers doctoral, post-doctoral, and practitioner fellowships in Sustainability Science. Advanced doctoral and post-doctoral students, and professionals engaged in the practice of harnessing science and technology to promote sustainable development are encouraged to apply. For more information click here.

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Documenting CGIAR Web-based, Collaborative Experiences
The ICT-KM Program, in keeping true to its mandate to promote and support the innovative use of IT and KM to improve the effectiveness of the CGIAR's work, is launching a new initiative to learn about the successful use of innovative tools to support our work. The Program's Institutional Knowledge Sharing (IKS) Project would like to reward three web-based collaborative experiences with the opportunity to evaluate, document and share those experiences. Read more.

Collaboration for Excellence
The ICT-KM Program's Knowledge Sharing (KS) Project is offering CGIAR staff and partners the unique opportunity to explore and experiment with knowledge-sharing principles and methods in an innovative, three-phase workshop that will kick off in March 2008 with a four-week online event. For more information on this workshop (Collaboration for Excellence: Opportunities for discovering, understanding, and applying innovative knowledge-sharing approaches for impact), please click here.

Quality standards for training and education in the CGIAR
A joint workshop of the ICT-KM Program's Online Learning Resources (OLR) Project and the United Nations University, Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) will be held from 11-15 February 2008 at UNU-EHS, Bonn, Germany. The purpose of this workshop is to develop a set of policies and procedures to ensure quality training and education in the CGIAR. Click here for more information.

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IT and Information Managers Meet

This year, for the first time, the annual meetings of CGIAR IT Managers and Information Managers was planned in such a way that the two communities were able to benefit from joint discussions. Usually, the IM and IT Managers conduct their yearly get-togethers at different times and at different locations. This year, though, IT and information specialists from the length and breadth of the CGIAR System converged at Bioversity, Rome, for a four-day event right before the Web2forDev Conference

JOINT MEETING: CGIAR Information and IT Specialists
JOINT MEETING: CGIAR Information and IT Specialists

On hand to welcome participants to the Italy-based Center was CIO Enrica Porcari and members of the ICT-KM Program's team. For the participants it was an opportunity to get reacquainted with members of their own community while getting to know members from the other community.

Days One and Two of the September meeting saw the IMs and the IT Managers focusing on their respective agendas. However, Day Three brought the two communities together to discuss issues of mutual interest. First on the agenda was the Web2forDev Conference, to which all managers had been invited. The conference, which was held at FAO shortly after the conclusion of the managers' meeting, showed how the two communities can work together to benefit the entire CGIAR System. With Web 2.0 applications being adopted more and more by CGIAR staff, the managers have a huge role to play in terms of establishing necessary applications and making sure they are linked to the right content. Participants also reviewed the System-wide CGMap Project, which has developed an application (EasyMTP) that will help Centers edit, submit, search and generate reports based on their MTPs. Other joint sessions looked at the status of CGXchange and the CGVlibrary.

Feedback from the participating managers showed they had benefited from the joint sessions, although areas for improvements were also identified.


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