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Author: mmatei

Using Delicious in research

Chandima Gunadasa from IWMI has emailed us a link towards a blog post by C. Wess Daniels, a PhD Student at Fuller Theological Seminary in the School of Intercultural Studies. Wess gives detailed tips to using del.icio.us in research. Chandima thinks this would be interesting to our researchers.   del.icio.us is above all a social…

ICT-KM Workshop on Current Projects and Future Directions

Mid-May, all set up for Workshop Day One, and for my Day One with ICT-KM. We meet in bucolic Maccarese, dotted with red poppies everywhere; a green morning scene governed by spring showers.   The leaders of some ICT-KM projects – Simone, LuzMa and Antonella – have the floor for most of this day. Nadia,…