2004 Investment Plan at a glance

More than three years ago, the ICT-KM Program kicked off with three thrusts (ICT for Tomorrow's Science; Content for Development (C4D); and A CGIAR without Boundaries) that supported 14 inter-related projects that would improve connectivity in the CGIAR and enable staff located in even the remotest of regions to access a wide range of online tools and services. At the same time, staff were also given the necessary know-how that would equip them to collaborate and share information in a way that would be beneficial to all participants. Today, all but four of those projects have achieved completion.

Project milestones include the launch of CGXchange, the CGIAR's first System-wide intranet/extranet. The CGVlibrary, which is accessible through CGXchange, has been experiencing an increasingly high number of hits since its official launch and is being lauded as an example for other organizations to follow. In recognition of its contribution to CGIAR research, the team behind this System-wide library received the CGIAR's Science Award for Outstanding Scientific Support in 2006.

Another project, the Consortium for Spatial Information (CSI), has also achieved considerable success. Since its launch in 2004, the project site has had over 100,000 unique visitors. In addition, and as a testament to its achievements, the CSI has been accepted as a member of the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG). This is the first time a non-UN organization has joined the Group.

The Virtual Academy for the semi-Arid tropic (VASAT) project, which created information modules on drought literacy; collaborated with a local community radio to deliver information via satellite digital radio technology to rural communities in Niger; and established an Internet-connected information hub that supports three village access points in India, made waves when it became a finalist at the CGIAR's Innovation Marketplace for CSO-CGIAR collaboration.

The Advanced Research Network (ARN) project has also benefited the CGIAR, with scientists at CIMMYT and IRRI using their new high speed connections to further their research work.

To find out more about these and other 2004 Investment Plan projects, please read about the Projects in Summary and the Projects Status Update.