Second-Level Connectivity

Internet connectivity for CGIAR Regional and Country Offices

THRUST 1: ICT for Tomorrow's Science

Much of the scientific research carried out by the CGIAR Centers is accomplished at small and mid-sized locations that are ill-equipped in terms of communication infrastructure. This reduces the ability of the staff at these locations to connect with partners and access the information resources necessary to do their job effectively. Moreover, it is often difficult for staff in larger offices to actively involve scientists from these remote sites in the collaborative work and shared information approaches that are required to address the challenges faced by the poor in developing countries.


To upgrade network and Internet access at up to 50 small and mid-sized remote locations, with particular emphasis on Africa, ultimately leading to:
  • An increase in CGIAR efficiency both as a system and in the provision of information services.
  • A CGIAR that functions as a unified system.
  • A facilitation of the CGIAR Systemís evolution from a center-based to a center-and-program-based operation.

Lead Administrative Center

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), with strong support provided by the World AgroForestry Centre (ICRAF).

Project Coordinator

Ian Moore, IT Manager for ILRI and ICRAF

Project Status

Commencement date: March 2004
Planned duration of project: 24 months

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