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ICT-KM Supports the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD)

The ICT-KM Program is supporting the GCARD process, starting with the e-consultations that should contribute a great deal in enhancing the development value of research. Organized by GFAR, the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) is more than just a Conference – it’s a multi-year process of learning and continuous updating of the…

Institutional KS End of Project Survey: Excellent achievements. Higher level of understanding and practice. Useful products. Biggest Challenge: Create a culture of collaboration

As the end of the Institutional KS project came closer I decided to design an evaluation survey and sent it to over 200 contacts: People who had been involved with the project through the workshops, as consultants, and partners, as well as ICT-KM team members, and users of project products like the toolkit. Here are…

Recommendations and Lessons from Knowledge Sharing Efforts in the CGIAR

In July 2008 the Institutional Knowledge Sharing (IKS) Project commissioned RE4D.net to conduct an independent evaluation of the first phase (2004-2006) of the Knowledge Sharing project. This study assesses the results of the four pilot activities, illustrates the systemic impact of the project, and presents lessons distilled from the combined experience of KS professionals in…