What we do

Main projects and activities undertaken by the ICT-KM Program today:

Past work

Shortly after its inception in 2004, the ICT-KM Program began implementing a series of interrelated projects that were designed to improve connectivity in the CGIAR and enable staff located in even the remotest of regions to access a wide range of online tools and services. The goal of the 2004 Investment Plan was to give staff the necessary know-how that would equip them to collaborate and share information in a way that would be beneficial to all participants.

To consolidate the gains from some of these projects, the 2006 Investment Plan was implemented two years later. This in turn led to the projects and applications overseen by the Program today. Since 2004, the Program has also been overseeing other activities such as the nurturing of communities and connections, negotiating economies of scale across Centers, and ongoing evaluation and learning.

Project Archive