Gateway to Global Agricultural Knowledge

The CGIAR Virtual Library, also called CGVlibrary, provides instant access to research on agriculture, hunger, poverty, and the environment. From just one search engine, users can tap into leading agricultural information databases, including the online libraries of all 15 CGIAR Centers. These shared integrated services have removed barriers to information and made publicly available information more accessible to researchers in the CGIAR and partners in developing countries.

The CGVlibrary has continued to grow in usage while expanding resources and improving services since its launch in June 2006.  There are now more than 180 electronic databases available for conducting federated searches through the CGVlibrary site. Besides the databases of the Centers and the CGIAR Secretariat, users can also access image repositories for several Centers. Many of these databases are organized into topic-specific QuickSets for federated searching – at the last count, there were 21 QuickSets preselected by CGIAR information specialists. The CGVlibrary also offers integrated access to more than 8,000 electronic journal titles.

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