CGXchange 2.0

The new way to collaborate in the CGIAR

With CGXchange 2.0, CGIAR staff can now connect, share and collaborate online like never before.  While remaining faithful to the spirit of the CGXchange project, CGXchange 2.0 embraces a powerful set of easy-to-use, online collaboration tools which includes the Google Apps Education Edition (Docs, Sites, Talk, Groups, etc). Tools and tutorials are added as we continue our research and investigation.

With the CGX 2.0 collaboration tools, CGIAR staff and partners can:

  • run projects across countries and time zones;
  • work with people in the field;
  • write, share and collaborate on documents;
  • organize meetings, events and training programs;
  • make their work available and accessible to a broader public.

The CGXchange team:

  • manages accounts for CGIAR staff in the Google Apps, but anyone with a Google account (such as Gmail) can be invited to collaborate and view the information CGIAR staff create with these applications;
  • provides training, technical support and coaching of teams who want to embrace innovative knowledge sharing and collaboration ways of working.

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