Economies of Scale

Cost savings through System-wide purchases of software and services have resulted in cumulative savings of almost $4 million since 2003.

The ICT-KM Program identifies and pursues possible System-wide agreements that can help achieve savings, both economic and administrative, for the CGIAR System. To date, discounted purchases have covered products like WinZip, Adobe, NXPowerlite, Trend Micro and ESET NOD32 to name just a few. An extension of the CGNET contract for messaging and Web-hosting also resulted in significant savings in voice and Internet connection rates and provided a series of new services.

Working closely with the CIO, the Information Managers Community has gained access to 98 journals and an agricultural database, with each Center staying within its library budget for the year. Purchased separately, these journals would have collectively cost the Centers an additional US$1.4 million.

The above results were mainly achieved through central coordination. Encouragingly, Centers are now offering to share their deals, evidence that the Program’s efforts to encourage sharing among communities are bringing positive change.