Project Archive

The Project Archive contains details of our completed projects to date.

The Investment Plan 2004 covers 14 interrelated projects that were implemented to enable CGIAR staff to work more efficiently and collaboratively with colleagues and partners.

The Program Evaluation 2006 documents the degree to which the Program contributed to changes in the CGIAR System, monitored the evolution of the Program and, ultimately, contributed to the review of the whole ICT-KM Program Strategy three years after its launch.

The Global Public Goods Strategy details an approach and concept that was designed for the CGIAR to provide its ‘information customers’ worldwide with simple but enhanced access to the vast array of scientific data, information and knowledge (generated by its research Centers working with their national research partners) in an easy, searchable and flexible way.

The  Investment Plan 2006 covers a series of projects that were designed to follow-on from the 2004 Investment Plan and consolidate the gains achieved.

Investment Plan 2006

Global Public Goods Strategy

Program Evaluation 2006

Investment Plan 2004