Improving CGIAR Effectiveness through Knowledge Sharing


Concluded in 2009


The Knowledge Sharing Project of the ICT-KM Program was actively involved in testing knowledge sharing (KS) approaches and tools in the CGIAR since 2004. Pilot initiatives at four CGIAR Centers successfully incorporated KS principles and approaches into high-profile events, thereby demonstrating how Centers can plan, conduct, and evaluate their work with greater efficiency by drawing more fully on the collective knowledge of their staff.

In 2007, a Project initiative comprising two main components: Institutional Knowledge Sharing (IKS) and Knowledge Sharing in Research (KSinR) was launched.

The IKS project demonstrated how KS methods and principles can open up meaningful spaces for face-to-face dialogues. The project also supported three pilot projects (Good Practices for Managing Research Data; Using KS Approaches to Facilitate Organizational Learning and Change; and Storymercials: Attracting People to Our Knowledge and Keeping Their Attention) at three Centers to experiment with innovative KS techniques. All three pilots have led to concrete outcomes and/or products that can be replicated in other Centers or partner organizations. In another area, the use of social media has helped raise the profile of both the project and the Program in the research-and-development arena.

One of the most popular online knowledge-sharing resources is the KS Toolkit. Developed by the project in collaboration with FAO, the toolkit contains 70 tools and methods for sharing knowledge and receives more than 20,000 visits per month.

The KSinR project focused on knowledge sharing good practices that can be used within research projects/programs to improve the effectiveness and impact of CGIAR work. One of the primary avenues for learning in the project was through its six pilot projects, which integrated various KS approaches into the different stages of the research process.

Lead Administrative Center

Institutional Knowledge Sharing (Strengthening Champions): CIAT
Knowledge Sharing in Research (Scaling Out): IWMI

Project Coordinators

Simone Staiger-Rivas (CIAT)
Nadia Manning (IWMI)

Project Documents

Project details

Knowledge Sharing in Research: Scaling Out

Scaling Up and Strengthening Champions