Triple A Framework

Triple A Framework

Availability, Accessibility and Applicability of the CGIAR Research Outputs

Research organizations like the CGIAR cannot be satisfied just knowing they have produced high quality science. It is essential that the outputs of their research are communicated and put to use, in the village, on the ground, in the lab, or across the negotiating table.

The Triple-A Framework developed by the ICT-KM Program seeks to help CGIAR Centers and Programs and their scientists decide on the level of Availability, Accessibility and Applicability (AAA) they want for their research outputs, and also the pathways with which to turn these outputs into International Public Goods.

For a complete introduction to the Framework see:

Making CGIAR Research Outputs Available and Accessible as IPG’s

How accessible are your research outputs? How can we ensure that our global public goods are accessible and available both within the CGIAR and beyond? This is our AAA framework concept to measure the Accessibility, Availability, and Applicability of CGIAR Research. (PDF, 180 KB)

Benchmarking CGIAR research outputs for availability and accessibility [Article and Abstract]

by Meena Arivananthan, Peter Ballantyne, Enrica M. Porcari

To better understand ways that CGIAR Centers make their published research outputs available and accessible, a benchmarking study of six Centers was carried out in 2008 and 2009. The study scored several typical ‘pathways’ that could be used to identify and obtain research outputs published in 2006. Results indicate that these outputs are generally available – they can be identified – in various pathways but that they are much less openly accessible in full text. The results also show differences between the approaches of the six Centers, differences in performance between pathways, and differences in the accessibility of different types of outputs.