CGXchange Team

Antonella Pastore

CGXchange Project Coordinator

Antonella Pastore

In the new media industry since 1998, Antonella is an information architect with extensive work experience in the international development sector. As a freelancer, she worked for FAO, WFP, Bioversity, and in a previous life, with the World Bank, Convention on Biological Diversity and IFAD.

She specialises in user research, content management, information system evaluation, knowledge management. She has an eclectic background that, starting from translation and interpreting, has touched several fields of Web communications: technical writing, information architecture, strategy consulting, monitoring and evaluation, user research.

The common thread across this varied experience is the relentless attention to what people need to do with the support of software, and spotting the real problems that technology should help solve.

Over the last few years, she has researched and experimented with new Web technologies - e.g. blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, collaborative content management - in large organizations, acquiring hands-on experience on what works in the adoption of collaboration technology and the influence of social, cultural and technical factors.

As the CGXchange project coordinator, she looks after the future developments of online collaboration within the CGIAR, the evaluation of current initiatives, and the implementation of new projects that add value to using CGXchange.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, living the Rome lifestyle, playing with techno-gadgets.