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Tania Jordan

ICT-KM Technical Coordinator

Tania Jordan

Updated on April 14, 2009

Anyone who knows Tania Jordan will most likely tell you that she is a dynamic person who takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Indeed, it is this talented young woman's adaptability and capacity to simultaneously take on numerous roles that has made her an invaluable asset to the ICT-KM Program.

Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA, Tania relocated to Cali, her parents' hometown in Colombia, to finish high school when she was 15 years old. Then three years later, in 2000, she completed her Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering at Cali's ICESI University, where she also specialized in Networks and Communications. Not content with these qualifications, she went on to undertake a Project Management course in the Universidad del Valle, Cali, and was also a Mentee in the Future Harvest Centers Mentoring Program supported by the CGIAR Gender and & Diversity Program in 2006.

Before she began working for the ICT-KM Program in late 2006, she worked at CIAT as an Information Technology Projects Engineer. At first, she carried out her Program duties while still based at the Center’s headquarters in Cali. Then in January 2008, she packed her bags and moved to Rome to work directly with CGIAR CIO Enrica Porcari.

As the Program’s Technical Coordinator, coping with the challenges that come from working across several time zones is now second nature to this vibrant woman. Her many CIO Office duties include administrating and maintaining the ICT-KM Program’s website and blog, tracking invoices and licenses, coordinating contract renewals, researching hardware/software opportunities and facilitating joint projects between the Program and IT managers from across the System.

Tania also works for the CGXchange Project as the Dgroups administrator, Google Apps administrator and Helpdesk Support. And if that’s not enough, she also develops training materials for Google Apps end-users and is part of the team behind the CGMAP Helpdesk Support, Documentation and Training.

A typical working day sees Tania working with the CIO, taking part in meetings with the CGXchange Project Coordinator, and liaising with the CGIAR IT managers to make sure the joint projects are on schedule.

"I'm happy with my work for the Program," she says. "It’s a continuous learning process that requires me to manage different administrative and IT technical tasks, while giving me the opportunity to work with many interesting people. I’m especially grateful to Enrica Porcari for giving me the necessary motivation and support to grow as a professional and carry out my tasks successfully."

Tania is also impressed by the way in which CGIAR Centers are now coming together to work in mutually beneficial ways.

"When I joined the CGIAR in 1999, the Centers’ IT departments were working autonomously and, in some cases, duplicating efforts," she says. "Now I see that the ICT-KM Program has been able to strengthen the communication and collaboration within this group, resulting in many positive outcomes. I see the current CGIAR change management as an opportunity for the CGIAR Centers to work even closer together; thereby, taking advantage of each other’s strengths and expertise. There is so much that can be done to improve the way in which we work and the quality of the knowledge we deliver to the world if we continue to combine our efforts."

When this energetic young woman isn't busy with her inter-continental responsibilities, she likes to read, watch movies and spend time with family and friends. But that's not all...

Tania speaks English, Spanish and Italian, is a keen Salsa dancer, enjoys singing, exercising and traveling. As if such a high-octane personality could ever be content with sitting around for too long!