KS Team

Nadia Manning

Project Leader-Knowledge Sharing in Research

Nadia Manning

Nadia Manning from the small, beautiful island of Barbados in the Caribbean but also considers herself a Global Citizen having spent the past 12 years studying, working and living around the world.

Her academic background is in anthropology, environmental science and development studies- up to a Masters level (MSc degree) and with lots of additional training.

Before working for IWMI Nadia worked for a local NGO in Namibia for three years where she did community outreach, education, participatory research and a whole host of other things in the Southern African region. She felt that this was a great experience for her, living and working closely with rural communities on a variety of development, natural resource and natural resource management issues and projects.

She has been with IWMI for two years now, first based at HQ in Sri Lanka and now recently relocated to Nile Basin and East Africa office based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She holds a joint a position Research and Knowledge Sharing/Outreach. In her research work she specializes in livelihoods, water poverty research, and policy and institutions projects. In her knowledge sharing and outreach work she has worked on knowledge sharing in research, knowledge fair organization, facilitation and workshop organization, IWMI's Knowledge Centre Initiative, starting a 'research into use'/outreach initiative based on the results of the CA and other IWMI projects and more. Her work on knowledge sharing involves both implementation and research.

According to Nadia "I really enjoy this kind of knowledge sharing work and am motivated to find more effective ways of not only doing research in terms of interacting more (and in better ways) with each other and our stakeholders, but also in achieving greater uptake of research results and impact".